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Anguilla Healing Yoga

Rendezvous Bay

Josharmond is trained is Ashtanga yoga but incorporates methods and teachings from Vinyassa and Hatha Yoga. As a result, his teaching style is very balanced and supplies his students with strength, flexibility, and peace of mind. The classes are fun and challenging and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Careful attention is placed on alignment and breath to make sure you get the most out of every class. 

Josharmond Mckinson-Romney has practiced yoga at Urban Flow, Yoga to the People and Mission Bikram Yoga in San Francisco. In total he has over four years of yoga experience. Most recently he underwent a 200-hour teaching training in Jamaica.

“It’s nice to hear wow that was great come from [my students] when the class is over. You know their being genuine from the smiles on their faces. It’s important to me that [my students] get the most out of the class each and every time. It’s great to see how much they change and beam after just one of my classes.” 
- Josharmond Mckinson-Romney