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Results Driven Fitness Centre

Brooks Complex

With Duquaine Brooks, Result Driven Fitness Centre is Anguilla's premier group fitness training facility offering a range of exciting Fitness Classes, BootCamps, Private Personal Training...

50.00 $ per month unlimited classes - 20% student discount

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Monday : 5:30am Legs Bums and Tums  5:30pm Legs Bums and Tums  6:30pm Legs Bums and Tums

Tuesday5:30pm Abs & Cardio  6:30pm Abs & Cardio

Wednesday5:30am Abs & Cardio  5:30pm Full Body CrossFit   6:30pm Full Body CrossFit

Thursday: 5:30pm Legs Bums and Tums  6:30pm Legs Bums and Tums

Friday5:30am Full Body CrossFit

Saturday7:00am Full Body CrossFit