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Anguilla Sea Salt Company

Island Harbour

We are a revolutionary sea salt company, the first of its kind in Anguilla.  Anguilla Sea Salt Company is a company based in Anguilla and of Anguillian descent.  Given the rich salt history of the island (salt ponds), we felt it was time to revitalize the industry but with a new strategy…the use of 100% all-natural sea salt.


Millions of people have visited Anguilla over the years with nothing unique to take back home with them.  We wanted to provide something more than the traditional T-shirt.  We wanted to give visitors of the island something to remind them of their time in Anguilla as well as provide a "taste" of our culture.


Anguilla is often referred to as "Tranquility Wrapped in Blue".  Crystal clear blue waters, white sand... What better place to get all-natural sea salt?  Only in Anguilla can you enjoy a great vacation in the "best kept secret of the Caribbean" and enjoy the “taste” of our all-natural sea salt.


The sea and the sun make our salt.  It is an authentic, unprocessed, chemical free, gourmet salt packed full of naturally occurring essential minerals.  Absolutely no additives or anything removed from the salt that would alter it any way.


We hope you will enjoy the completely unrefined, natural minerals that adds great flavor to all the food you enjoy!